Operations Management

Operations Management Consulting

Kennedy’s exclusive research offers details on market demand for, and profiles of, leading firms that provide consulting services aimed at improving the effectiveness of the value chain, including: research and development (R&D); sourcing raw materials or components; production; delivery; and customer interaction. Operations Management consulting creates more effective client operations by changing the client’s operational footprint, management systems, processes, and employee behavior.

Core Market Research and Operations Firm Profiles

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Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting 2012-2015

Consulting Firm Operational Metrics

Operations Consulting Fee Levels and Utilization Rates
  • Book and realized fee rates
  • Target and actual utilization rates
  • Service type and career levels analyzed
in Operations Consulting
  • Salary levels across the profession
  • Annual bonus analysis
Operations Consulting Firm
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  • Revenue per professional
  • Leverage ratios
  • Firm operating costs