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Financial Services Consulting

Exclusive research from Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory provides details on market demand for, and profiles of, leading firms that provide consulting services to the Financial Services industry — which includes banking, capital markets, and insurance.

Core Market Research and Provider Profiles

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Definitions of Financial Services Client Business Segments:

Financial services: Services concerned with the allocation, management and investment of resources with particular emphasis on time (term), liquidity and risk.

Banking: Business services (whether for retail or institutional customers) which are designed to help customers manage cash flow. Core banking services traditionally include checking and savings accounts, as well as issuing loans and credit.

Insurance: Insurance services are designed to transfer risk from an individual (retail or institutional customers) to a larger pool of participants. Participants pay a premium and are reimbursed (in part or whole) in the event of a (predefined) loss. Participants are typically rated according to categories of risk and grouped in appropriate risk-level pools.

Capital markets & asset management: Capital markets services involve the raising of capital via the sales and trade of capital funds – long-term investments, primarily equity and debt securities – whether by private placements or institutional markets and exchanges. Investment or asset management, on the other hand, refers to the professional management of specified assets (i.e., securities, real estate or other assets) to meet predefined investment goals.

Financial Services Ecosystem Subsectors