Successful Change Hampered by Distractions of Day-to-Day Business
An excerpt from Management Consultant International
With all of this emphasis on change, it is perhaps surprising to see how often it fails. Logica Management Consulting partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to analyse three years of business process change initiatives in organisations across Western Europe and discovered that a significant share of projects fail to achieve their objectives. According to Logica’s report, one out of three business process change projects did not deliver or completely deliver the benefits expected.

Change is pursued in unique ways in most organisations, so it is difficult to generalise about why some efforts were successful and others were not. “Every company has its own structure and struggles with its own problems”, explains Leon Manet, who is responsible for Business Change Management at Logica Management Consulting. “But what kept coming back in the survey answers was that they found it difficult to realise change, having the pressures of the day-to-day business. It was clear that they saw the need for change, but the day-to-day business took all the time and the resources that actually they needed to make process change happen.”

It is difficult to succeed at change when it is launched without sufficient attention, without realising that it is not business as usual. “It does not always come to mind to make it a separate programme”, says Manet.

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