Kennedy Advisory is led by:

Tom Rodenhauser, Managing DirectorTom Rodenhauser
Mr. Rodenhauser has spent nearly 20 years advising leading management and IT consulting firms on strategic growth, talent management, and market positioning initiatives. He has also analyzed hundreds of consultancies in order to advise clients on best practices in consulting services. As the former head of Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory and editor of Consultants News, he leverages his own extensive network and industry knowledge with Kennedyís 35-year legacy of highly-referenced consulting industry analysis.
He is a frequent speaker on management and IT consulting industry trends, and a regular contributor to the business press as an industry expert. His commentary is routinely quoted in such leading media as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, The New York Times, Financial Times, Investorís Business Daily, CNN, MSNBC, and others.
Prior to his work with Kennedy, Mr. Rodenhauser founded Consulting Information Services, LLC, an independent advisory practice to the management consulting and IT services industries. During his early career, he helped develop and execute the marketing and communication strategies for several Fortune 500 companies, including Electrolux (Frigidaire), The Limited, and Bob Evans Farms, Inc. He also worked on fundraising and marketing programs for several leading business schools.
Mr. Rodenhauser holds a bachelorís degree in journalism from The Ohio State University.
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