About Kennedy Information

Since 1970, Kennedy has been the world's leading source of market analysis on the Management Consulting and IT Consulting industries.

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory provides accurate and reliable market sizing and forecasts on consulting services world-wide, needs-analysis and vendor profiling for buyers of consulting services, timely and insightful intelligence on the top consulting firms in their respective markets, and operational benchmarks that measure consulting performance.
Kennedy's research spans multiple service areas, client vertical industries, and geographies.
Our analysts provide expert commentary at consulting industry events world-wide, and offer custom research for Management Consulting and IT Services firms.
Kennedy's advisory services provide results-oriented strategic guidance to buyers and sellers of consulting services.
Kennedy's clientele consists of Fortune 500 companies and the most highly regarded professional services firms in the world, representing over 90% of the service providers in consulting.
The division's symbol, a gradient mosaic design, conveys the firm's multi-faceted knowledge base that informs the highly complex consulting marketplace; the embedded "K" honors the company's founder, James H. Kennedy, who passed away in 2006.
Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory's parent company, ALM, is a global leader in specialized business news and information. Trusted reporting delivered through innovative technology is the hallmark of ALM’s award-winning media properties, which include Law.com, The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal and The New York Law Journal. Headquartered in New York City with 16 offices worldwide, ALM brands have been serving their markets since 1843.