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About Us
Kennedy Information delivers relevant, accurate, meaningful and valuable intelligence to the business markets it serves through a variety of media. The organization strives to over-deliver on client expectations, develop mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders and influencers, and provide value to its parent companies.


Kennedy is the leading provider of quality intelligence in the areas of its market expertise.


Kennedy attains its goals by delivering on a promise of quality and timeliness while serving vibrant and profitable professional markets. Kennedy attracts People who are committed to creating expert knowledge of the markets in which they work, and to the success of the company. Kennedy is dedicated to delivering value to clients, recognizing the success of its People, and addressing any obstacles to success quickly and positively.


Kennedy’s corporate giving is focused primarily on charitable organizations, community institutions and programs that address the needs and quality of life in southern New Hampshire. We support local organizations, having tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Tax Code, which offer significant free programming and services to citizens of our community and in which Kennedy employees are actively engaged. Our year-round giving program includes ongoing support to the Monadnock United Way, providing funding for a variety of much-needed regional services, and Monadnock Development Services, specializing in providing individuals with developmental and related disabilities the means to live as independently as possible in their own community. Kennedy also supports Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue and individual giving preferences through its Day of Service, where each employee is encouraged to take a day away from the office and participate in the charity or civic activity of their choice. Recent Days of Service have been dedicated to the Nashua Community Kitchen, Relay for Life, Project Graduation, Night of a 1,000 Cupcakes, and Chamber of Commerce Roadside Pickup.


Kennedy is committed to the ideals and practices of environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability, and employs a formal program to identify and reduce environmental waste; promote good practices and awareness of environmental activities and policies amongst employees, customers, vendors, and partners; and participate in local projects and initiatives that improve the quality of the environment in the jurisdictions where we do business. Ongoing efforts include regular Adopt-a-Mile litter removal days, extensive use of recycled paper products, and a company-wide, in-house recycling program.


Kennedy fosters a welcoming, inclusive, transparent working environment where “open-door policy” isn’t just a figure of speech — the doors really are open all day, every day.

We Are

Skiers, Gourmet Chefs, Justices of the Peace, Webheads, Deadheads, Sailors, Fathers, Mothers, Train Buffs, Bass Guitar Players, Gardeners, Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Food Aficionados, Dancers, Aerobics Fans, Zumba Fanatics, Aspiring Actresses, Cribbage Players, MBAs, Antique Collectors, Skeptics, Grandparents, War Gamers, Woodworkers, Quilters, Golfers, Knitters, Coffee Addicts, Jazz Fans, Community Volunteers, Snowmobile Riders, Pool Players, Photographers, Travelers, Snowshoers, Cancer Survivors, Personal Trainers, Runners, Wine Collectors, BBQ Enthusiasts, Vegetarians, Painters, Youth Soccer Coaches, Dog Lovers, U.S. History Buffs, Bikers, Triathletes, Ruggers, Red Sox fans, Football Players, Baseball Players, RVers, Authors, Dog Breeders, Scuba and Sky Divers, Fathers of Teenagers, Wiffleball Players, Film Buffs, Jewelry makers, Guitarists, Scout Leaders, Yoga Freaks, Scrapbookers, Soccer Fans.

Schools We’ve Graduated From

Harvard University, UC-San Francisco, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, Boston University, Bentley College, Bates College, Marist College, American University, University of Delaware, Keene State College, SUNY Buffalo, Janus Pannonius University, University of Virginia, University of Wroclaw-Poland, Gordon College, Hood College, University of New Hampshire, University of Maine, University of Wisconsin, James Madison University, BU Graduate School of Management, Purchase College, Franklin Pierce University, Abo Akademi University, The Ohio State University, Daniel Webster College, Lake Forest College, Vanderbilt University, New England College-Sussex England, University of Baltimore, Towson University, Hawthorne College, University of New Orleans, University of Illinois, Millsaps College.

Where We’ve Worked

IBM Global Business Services, IC Sciences Corp, Bain & Company, NEBS, Leo Mechelin Institute, Home Depot, R. E. Michel Co, Tate Engineering Systems, Inc, Dartmouth Printing, Yankee Publishing, Level S Communications, Advanstar Communications, Royall & Co., 2007 Presidential Campaign, City of Lubin-Poland, TD Bank, NH Department of Transportation, Grand Circle Travel, Millard Group, Xanapath, Neuromedical Systems, Inc., Gartner Inc, ADP, Infinium Software, MBNA Corp, Capital Access International, AIDS Services of the Monadnock Region, Smith College, Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services, Franklin Pierce College, CR Bard, Pennwell, BYTE Magazine, McGraw-Hill, Compaq Computer, Technology Business Research, Brookstone, PC Connection, Fitz Vogt & Associates, Sony Music Entertainment, Thomson Reuters, Business Wire, Core Labs, Texaco.